God decrees all that happens even the choices that we make to do evil. He does not cause it but permits it for His purpose which is largely to prove out that only His sovereign will can prevail otherwise evil comes into play. Some events such as plagues and earthquakes that God decrees are devastating judgments by God as a result of man's evil. Man himself does evil without the devil's help - that by the way is where most of the evil in the world comes from = right out of man, without the devil's help. And of course, the devil and his minions are constantly doing evil 100% of the time prompting man to do even more evil. The world itself reflects the Fall so events such as devastating hurricanes, fires, mud slides, floods, seem to cause the death of the 'innocent' but recall that all of us deserve nothing less. We are born in sin and sinning from conception - even cute little babies are sinful from the womb.

Esau hated in the womb:

Ro 9:8-16.

Pharoah raised up to do evil:

Ro 9:17-24.

God hardens Pharoah's heart to do evil:

Ex 4:21; 7:3; 14:4,17;

Ex 8:15,32; 9:12,34; 10:1,20,27; 11:10

Ex 14:8; Joshua 1:20.

God takes hold of Cyrus' right hand, i.e. God leads Cyrus on a warring and conquering mission, Cyrus - an unbeliever: Isa 45:1-4

God creates disaster:

Isa 45:7

God turns Gog, (present day Russia), around and puts hooks in Gog's jaws and brings her out with her whole army to to do evil & attack Israel along with other nations from the north. God actually orchestrates an attack on Israel: Ez 38:1-9

(And yet at the same time Gog & the other nations will think up an EVIL scheme to invade Israel Ez 38:10-16)

(Notice that it is all to the glory of God Ez 38:17-end)