1455 2nd Ave #505
San Diego, CA 92101

Performed data entry work for: payroll, AR/AP, sales, engineering/technical, medical, retail receipts, inventory, hosp/medical claims, workman's comp., TV marketing & misc. other applications.
Utilized product knowledge, field & drafting experience & CAD to design, specify, secure bids, purchase and install office layouts, filing systems and warehouse operations.
Utilized software applications such as Dbase, Excel, Access, Oracle, Lotus Notes, CAD, Internet HTML & numerous 'in house' programs to design or improve the performance of specific tasks relative to data entry, reports, inventory control, engineering/technical product drawings and specifications.
FIRST AMERICAN REAL ESTATE TAX SERVICE, St. Petersburg, Fl - Oct '03 - Mar '04
*Tax research and data entry via inhouse programs, internet and phone resources
U.S. DEPT OF COMMERCE, NOAA FISHERIES, St. Petersburg, Fl - Apr '02-Oct'02
*Data entry, general office and phone work.
*Utilized Oracle and Rbase data base applications.
*Commended for fixing mobile filing units & creating special tab system - reducing retrieval time
HOME SHOPPING NETWORK, St. Petersburg, Fl - Oct '01-Dec '01
*Data entry, general office and phone work for cable TV reimbursement project utilizing 'in house' internet data base and Excel accounting spread sheet.
*Set up up mobile filing system to support the project.
DANKA CORP, St. Petersburg, Fl - May '01-Oct -01, Feb '03-Mar '03
*Data entry, data base and phone work for the ITT department including corporate phone and conference card plan for employees utilizing Excel, Access and 'in house' data base applications.
*Set up new data base in Access to speed up the processing of data previously via incompatible spread sheets.
*Data Entry (2nd assign't) - AR/AP clean up project.
ECKERD CORPORATE OFFICE, Largo, Fl - Nov '99-Mar '01
*Redesigned filing in Sales and Cash dept.
*Completed Receipt Storage Project including detailed drawings, specifications, securing competitive bids, assisting in purchasing products and services, supervising installation, coordinating initial daily operation; utilizing data entry & product knowledge, drawing, supervisory, purchasing, installation and sales experience.
*Completed Coupon Project by assisting in the design of a Microsoft Access application to monitor incoming coupons and the design, purchase and installation of necessary equipment and furniture.
*Completed proposal for New Office Layout for Sales and Cash Dept.
*Assisted with inventory control project as a general office worker.
*Did data entry, general office and phone work in Corporate Sales and Cash, IBM Service and the Corporate Energy departments utilizing 'in house' data entry applications, Excel and general office skills.
NEC CORPORATION, Irving, Tx - Apr '97-Aug '99
*Managed technical library utilizing Dbase, Excel, Word, language, data entry & general office skills.
*Did product and technical drawings with Excel, Lotus Notes, Paint Shop Pro, Word, and CAD software; assisted with specification writing utilizing data entry, word processing, and language skills.
Williams & Queens Colleges, 3 years, major: economics.  Tarrant County J.C., 1 yr., digital electronics, personal computers and programming.  Tyndale Seminary, 1 yr., theology.   Business training: completed seminars & courses on management skills; sales; marketing; communications; human relations & motivation; software applications and products from racks & shelving to containers, conveyors, carousels, automated storage & retrieval systems, office furniture and design & real estate, (Calif R.E. License).
General: Punctual and rarely absent; strong work ethic; dedicated to the tasks at hand at all times.

Application: Capacity to apply extensive software application, product knowledge and business experience to function efficiently and solve problems.

Multi-Task: Years of experience in key fields to effectively manage multiple & complex projects.

Creative: Capacity to utilize products & software in the design of systems which solve problems where standard solutions are inadequate, unavailable or too expensive.

Communications: Years of sales and marketing experience have resulted in a capacity to listen to & communicate ideas especially in determining customer needs and solving particularly difficult problems.

Organization: Experienced in managing multi-tasked & complex operations where attention to detail is critical.