These verses are a tremendous area of study of the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is one of the most beautiful passages in all of Scripture identifying Who is Jesus Christ. This is a typical issue in our day and age: Who is Jesus Christ? The Apostle John gives us tremendous insight into the answer to this question in Jihn chapter one verses 1-18 ? the prologue. Prologue means words that go before, introductory words. The prologue is an introduction to the whole book of John - an expression of the thesis of the whole book of John. Thesis means the whole main idea. The prologue is also a digest of the whole book of John dealing with the following kinds of subjects:

1) The Lord Jesus Christ as the Word.

2) The diety of our Lord.

3) Jesus being intimately involved in the creation process.

4) The Word entering human life as a revelation of the true God.

5) This is the Lord Jesus Christ Who confronts men and women everywhere with His claims which they must either accept or reject.

The whole book of John unfolds this drama that is touched upon in the prologue. The prologue introduces this drama in an embryonic form.