1) Rotate use of 3 or more pair footwear that do not have a soft, but have a firm outside on the bottom that contacts with the surface that you are walking upon – the shoe bottom

2) Use plantar fasciitis shoe inserts. I found that Dr. Scholls works satisfactorily; and they are cheap.

3) Do not make contact directly with the floor without your ‘special’ shoes with special inserts in them.

4) Swim lots of laps preferably freestyle which provides lots of quick and easy leg repetition within an environment that is extremely low stress / very low impact, lots of aerobics and endorphins.

You can use kick board, floatation vests, etc.

Minimize the power of the foot push offs vs the pool side

Use open turns because a missed flip turn can do damage to the feet and back.

Work hard even to breathing hard to challenge your conditioning because the aerobics will cause blood flow from head to toe necessary to speed up recovery.

Remember your feet are connected to your skeletal system namely the lower back and hips which might be causative.

Organize your swim workout:

Do ‘X’ sets of ‘Y’ number of laps at a good pace

Rest ‘Z’ seconds in between each series of laps to have adequate recovery but not too much rest time which is less helpful if you take it too easy. You have to work hard to get hard results. 

Increase X, Y, & decrease Z as your conditioning allows.

Don’t drink the water, lol. I always seem to get a mouthful or two.

Think of something humorous while you are grinding out your swim laps.

What happens when a vegetarian goes away.
Ans. He leaves you in peas.

Decrease the rest time Z / increase the number of laps as you see fit as you progress. You must be very tired after each session which prompts you to increase ‘X’ & / or ‘Y’

Don’t forget to show up for regular work out perhaps 3 or more times a week. I swim 2 days then rest. Don’t forget: Do not walk on the pool deck or any floor surface with anything but your special footwear. Tell people about your ailment and sort through their advice via trial and error as I did.

Try kicking if you find that your swim skill set is wanting by getting a kick board which is provided at the YMCA.

Kick 3 kicks per arm movement keeping legs stiff not bent

Ref. on how to swim efficiently

5) Eat healthier to give yourself an energy / well being boost to accomplish the needed results.

6) Do the floor exercises as suggested in a google search. Select what works best for you.
I sit on a stool and open up lower cabinet door and stretch my feet on the bottom shelf edge at the kitchen sink as I prepare meals. Do you have a suitable stool to do that? A friend donated what I used. Thrift stores might have what you need. Other wise stand one foot inside on the shelf, the other on the floor. Do it with shoes on to avoid worsening the symptoms. 

7) Getting rest is key. Find ways to get extra sleep. Take naps if you are not getting enough healing sleep with toes pointed straight.

Keep your feet pointing straight up or down as you sleep. Minimize the curvature of your feet as you sleep.

I have positioned my recliner to put my feet right up on the wall. Also use a swivel lounge chair in the same way.

5) Hot bath or hot tub every day. Sometimes it is not just the feet that are causing the problem – how about your hips and lower back. So buy a dozen sponges and set them strategically under your body.

6) Fill ice pack with ice and cold water, put it down on the floor and place your feet on top. Amazing recovery every time. I even do this on a trolley or bus ride.

7) Remember that your feet are more sensitive to heat and cold. So get some old socks and cut off the tip and use them as leg warmers but not inside your shoes unless it is tolerable. You will probably find that you cannot tolerate socks inside your shoes.

8) Lower your gait and slow down your steps. Take shorter walks fewer steps by organizing your day better.