Lecture on Jn 3:13-36

After listening to this lecture on Jn 3:13-36, a number of critical questions have arisen that requires immediate attention:

1) Will God only hold one accountable for what they know about Him. So if they never hear the gospel, God will have mercy on them and not condemn them?

2) Jn 3:18 only refers to those who hear the gospel, not for those who don’t??

3) Unbelievers will not perish forever, perishing may only be temporary, perhaps leading to annihilation.

4) Could salvation be just for an age?

5) Believers don’t go to heaven?

6) Will some be saved without knowing the gospel?

7) Did John put words in Jesus’ mouth?

8) You must repent in order to be saved unto eternal life!!!! Faith is not enough.