Jan 12, 1998 PM




Just heard him give the gospel: 'You must acknowledge and receive Christ as Lord and Savior'. He quotes half of Jn 1:12 leaving out the believe part which defines what receiving Christ as Savior unto eternal life is all about: to 'believe on His name'. Then he goes on to explain that believing is not just a mental acceptance of the truth of the gospel, (He quotes "the devils believe..." from Jas 2 as if to say that the demons believed in Christ as Savior but remain condemned because they never acknowledged Him as such but only trembled in fear). He further stated that acknowledgement is also necessary otherwise he states another verse if you deny Jesus He will deny you before the Father. Now he is a bit nicer, he only asks that you make a quiet acknowledgment not a walk-the-aisle-public-confession. Then he quotes Ro 10:9-10, (If you confess...") Now this is the reason why I have put my studies in such a detailed gut wrenching format. Hayforth is glib, popular, richer than I, certainly more respected, and maybe even better looking; but I am dead right : Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone and nothing more and nothing less. Mere mental assent is all that is required and he is dead wrong.

1) The devils believe in what? Not the gospel, but he never explained that.

2) If you confess is 3rd class maybe and pulled out of context leaving all the verses that mention faith alone unstated: {short description of image}

3) Furthermore believing IS mere mental assent:

4) And denial before the Father does not mean denial of salvation but denial of that a believer was faithful and denial of rewards in heaven - to the believers shame in heaven