Human viewpoint considers common sense as mutually exclusive from living according to these words which come from the only perfect source of wisdom, the Bible:

[Pr 3:5-6]:

(v. 5) "Trust in the Lord ...................

[Lord = God of the bible only - no other God, Isa 43:10-11; 41:4; 44:6]

(v. 5 cont.) "Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

[That is to say: do not rely on your own understanding of what you think. For example, do not rely on what you think is the common sensical thing to do. Common sense may or may not be what God desires for you to do or the best thing to do. But God's way is always the best way. Note that men say that to live by faith in God beyond your understanding of the situation and what to do is not the common sense approach to life]

(v. 6) in all your ways acknowledge Him.....

["Him" = God]

[the only way to acknowledge God in all your ways is to thoroughly study Scripture and faithfully follow all that it teaches and commands even when it contradicts what men call common sense, (Joshua 1:8; Psalms 1:1-6; 119:9-11). Note that many so called

'common sensical' approaches to life situations come directly out of Scripture - especially Proverbs. Many however, do not. Take a look a chapters 10-20 for example]

(v. 6 cont) and He will direct your paths."

[and God will then direct your steps of life - for that is the way to go for success]

'Common sense', (human viewpoint), dictates that a man must behave and do good things in order for him to go to heaven when he dies. God says you can only go to heaven if you trust only in Jesus Christ only as your Savior - that your sins are taken care of by what He did on the cross. So those who have committed the worst of sins can go to heaven by simply saying 'Yes, I accept what Christ did for me as a gift and I'll go to heaven no matter what; even if I continue to sin after that.'

(John 3:16; 5:24; 6:47; Eph 2:8-9; I Jn 5:9-13).