"The sick are not healed merely by declaring there is no sickness, but by knowing that there is none." (Science and Health, p. 447)

"The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon 'the accursed free,' than when it was flowing in His veins, as he went daily about his Father's business." (Science and Health, p. 25)

"Man originated not from dust, materially, but from Spirit, spiritually" (Miscellaneous Writings, P. 57).

"Any material evidence of death is false, for it contradicts the spiritual facts of being" (Ibid., p. 584)

"Hundreds of thousands of faithful Christian Scientists supplied their 'leader' with all that money could buy, and every material benefit available, yet Mrs. Eddy continually affirmed the nonexistence of these material blessings by teaching in effect that they really did not exist to be enjoyed - they were 'illusions of mortal mind,' she said." (Walter Martin, Kingdom of the Cults, p. 142)

[According to Christian Science]: "The mind that truly rejects the existence of matter must never allow the limitations of matter which constitute physical existence. But in practice no Christian Scientist holds these tenets as an Absolute - they all clothe, feed, and house the illusion of Mortal Mind called their bodies and many go to dentists and surgeons for the filling of imaginary cavities and the setting of non-existent bones." (Martin, cont. p. 161)

"It is continually reiterated in the literature of the cult that their 'leader' healed as Jesus did."

Mrs. Eddy Wrote to the New York Sun, December 19, 1898:

'I challenge the world to disprove what I hereby declare. After my discover of Chrstian Science I healed consumption in the last stages that the M.D.'s by verdict of a stethoscope and the schools declared incurable, the lungs being mostly consumed. I healed malignant tuberular diphtheria and various bones that could be dented by the finger, saving them when the surgeon's instruments were lying on the table ready for their amputation. I have healed at one visit a concer that had so eaten the flesh of the neck as to expose the jugular vein so that it stood out like a cord.'

To begin with, it should be realized in the process of investigating Mrs. Eddy's healing claims that she refused outright to treat identical cases of diseases she claimed to have cured. Even when a prominent Cincinnai physician offered her every such opportunity. Mrs. Eddy remained strangely silent; indeed she never mentioned the issue again. This is hardly the attitude one would expect from the alleged 'successor to Jesus Christ.'.. Mrs. Eddy allowed here own little granddaughter, her beloved brother Samuel's wife, and her close friend, Joseph Armstrong, all to die painful deaths of cancer, pneumonia and pleurisy, and never, to any known evidence of the contrary, did she ever lift here 'healing' hand to save them....

Mr. Alfred Farlow, then chairman of the Publications Committee of the Christian Science Church and President of the Mother Church in Boston. Mr. Farlow's testimony... clearly stated that he did not know of any healing ever having been made by Mrs. Eddy of any organic disease in her entire life but that of stiff leg - hardly a major illness by any reasonable diagnosis (The Religio-Medical Masquerade, F.W. Peabody, P. 113

Toward the end of her life [Mrs. Eddy] even allowed Christian Scientists the right to use anesthetics, surgery, and the services of orthopedists for breaks and fractures, etc. This although she stoutly opposed such practices at the outset of her career!

Most illnesses 'cured' by Christian Scientists are imagined illnesses which lack medical documentation and are seldom thoroughly verified by anyone other than the Scientists or their sympathizers [or are simply the normative healing process of the human body regardless of what religious faith one has].

The Christian's most holy and sacred doctrine of love, which is Christ crucified for us and His sacrificial blood our atonement with God, Mrs. Eddy abruptly dismissed as unnecessary. She equally ignored the existence of hell, Satan, or, for that matter, a literal heaven. (For here it was a 'state of mind')"

(Walter, ibid, pp. 161-165)