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The Christian life begins and

ends with faith

Bob Wilkin disagreed with that statement for many years. As a member of a works-oriented religious cult, Bob spent most of his boyhood years working for the perfection that he thought was needed to please God and somehow gain eternal life.

It was not until college that he discovered the grace of God through a campus ministry and was overwhelmed by the simple truth of God's promise, “He who believes in Me has everlasting life.” He understood for the first time that no one can become a Christian or please God in daily life except by faith. 

Bob accepted the gift of salvation by placing his faith in Jesus Christ, and experienced a jailbreak from the bondage of works-religion. He knew he must devote his life to telling others about the wonderful grace of God. This book is a part of that devotion.

It is Bob's desire that reading Confident in Christ: Living by Faith Really Works will kindle the passion, love, and gratitude in you that comes from being deeply touched by the wonderful grace of God.

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